The Artist- Todd Huffman

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my site. My interest in birds began at a young age in Michigan,
where I helped raise birds from all over the world in a private aviary. I loved to watch the birds, studying their positions, attitudes and habits.

I was so inspired by photos, paintings, museums and trips to the Zoo that I couldn’t wait to try and recreate what I had seen in my own art work whether it be bird taxidermy or painting! Composing music and photography would follow. When I moved to Colorado as a boy in 1978, I seriously started to put my years of study into action by painting and sketching birds, which finally lead to bird taxidermy. I have since become an avid photographer in which I enjoy many hours in the Colorado outdoors. I have been fortunate to be able to work for several magazines which entails traveling around the globe capturing natures splendor as well as people and their culture.

Operating one of the largest Bird Taxidermy Studios in the world for over 35 years has been the passion of my life. Pushing the art form to new heights year after year has only fueled my energies and has made us the industry leader. I hope that I get the opportunity to work with you and your special bird.
Todd Huffman- Birdman

Lion Painting by Todd Huffman

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Birds in progress at the studio.
King Eiders waiting for the water resin work.
Drake Shoveler being mounted.
Fall Wood Duck Swimming- Todd Huffman
Photography- Todd Huffman
Photography- Todd Huffman
Photography- Todd Huffman
The Piano Room
Composing Room
Composing Room

Todd and Michelle Huffman

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