A stunning Gallery of Birds by Birdman Studios

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Mallard Flying Wall Mount
Mallard Mounts
Pintail Standing on Ice and Snow Base Mount
Pintail Mounts
Canvasback Standing on River Rocks Base Mount
Canvasback Mounts
Wood Duck Taxidermy Duck Mount
Wood Duck Mounts
Wigeon Flushing Open Mouth Mount
Wigeon Mounts
Green-winged Teal Standing Wall Mount
Green-winged Teal Mounts
Blue Winged Teal Flushing Mount
Blue Winged Teal Mounts
Cinnamon Teal Landing Table Mount
Cinnamon Teal Mounts
Black Duck Flying Mount
Black Duck Mounts
Mottled Duck Flying Mount
Mottled Duck Mounts

Gadwall Standing Driftwood Mount
Gadwall Mounts
Shoveler Standing Table Mount
Shoveler Mounts
Goldeneye Flying Landing Mount
Goldeneye Mounts
Redhead Flying Over Metal Reed Base
Redhead Mounts
Bufflehead Flying Table Mount
Bufflehead Mounts
Ring-necked Duck Habitat Mount
Ring-necked Duck Mounts
Scaup Flying Wall Mount
Scaup Mounts
Black Belly Tree Ducks Flying Mount
Tree Duck Mounts
Ruddy Duck Standing Wall Mount
Ruddy Duck Mounts
Hooded Merganser Swimming with Fish Mount
Hooded Merganser Mounts
Common Merganser Flying Mount
Common Merganser Mounts
Red-breasted Merganser Standing Mount
Red-breasted Merganser Mounts
King Eider Standing Mount
King Eider Mounts
Common Eider Taxidermy Mount
Common Eider Mounts
Pacific Eider Water Splash Mount
Pacific Eider Mounts
Harlequin Drakes on Habitat Mount
Harlequin Mounts
Old Squaw Swimming on Metal Reeds Mount
Old Squaw Mounts
Surf Scoter Standing Rock Mount
Surf Scoter Mounts
White-winged Scoter Sitting on Crab Mount
White-winged Scoter Mounts
Black Scoter Flying Mount
Black Scoter Mounts
Canada Goose Landing Mount
Canada Goose Mounts
Snow Goose Landing Wings Back Mount
Snow Goose Mounts
Blue Goose Walking Mount
Blue Goose Mounts
Emperor Goose Flying Mount
Emperor Goose Mounts
Speckle-belly Goose Landing Mount
Specklebelly Goose Mounts
Ross Goose Standing Mount
Ross Goose Mounts
Brant Flying Open Mouth Mount
Brant Mounts
Barnacle Geese Custom Habitat Mount
Barnacle Goose Mounts
Swan Belly Out Mount
Swan Mounts
Sandhill Crane Walking Habitat Mount
Sandhill Crane Mounts
Turkey Strutting Mount
Turkey Mounts
Ocellated Turkey on Custom Mayan Ruin Mount
Ocellated Turkey Mounts
Pheasant Flying Mount
Pheasant Mounts
Ruffed Grouse Strutting Mount
Ruffed Grouse Mounts
Sage Grouse Tail Fanned Wall Mount
Sage Grouse Tail Fanned Wall Mount
Valley Quail Table Mount
Quail Mounts
Chukars on Rock Wall Mount
Chukar Mounts
Hungarian Partridge Flushing Taxidermy Mount
Hungarian Partridge Mounts
Prairie Chicken Displaying Mount
Prairie Chicken Mounts
Blue Grouse Taxidermy Mount
Blue Grouse Mounts
Sharp-tailed Grouse Flying Mount
Sharp-tailed Grouse Mounts
Spruce Grouse Upland Game-Bird Mount
Spruce Grouse Mounts
Ptarmigan Standing Wall Mount
Ptarmigan Mounts
Woodcocks Table Mount
Woodcock Mounts
Hybrid Duck Table Mount
Hybrid Duck Mounts
Mallard Pintail Dead-Mounts
Dead Mounts and Shadow Boxes
Mandarin Duck Standing Mount
Exotic Bird Mounts
Blue winged Teal Decoy Mount
Decoy Mounts
Coot Running Across the Water Mount
Mics Bird Mounts

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