Prices & Availability

Please read all the info provided here to help you decide on choosing Birdman Studios for your next masterpiece!

We are excited to announce a few major changes at Birdman Studios. We now only accept a limited amount of birds into the studio each year. We believe we can maintain a high level of customer service, dependable turn around times and the very best in bird taxidermy found anywhere.

For the 2023-2024 season we will only be accepting 175 birds total. These birds will come with an estimate one year turnaround.

Prices set for this season (2023-2024) are as follows.

These prices do not include bases or return shipping. Driftwood bases are $45.00. Custom bases seen on my website can be provided and will be quoted upon request.

Turn around time is estimated at one year.

  • Ducks $750.00
  • Pheasant- Grouse- Ptarmigan-Chukar $750.00
  • Brant-Cackler Goose $900.00
  • Small Geese (snows, blues, specks) $1,200
  • Large Geese (canada) $1,500
  • Seaducks (eiders & scoters) $850
  • Turkeys $1,800
  • Cranes $1,500
  • Swans $2,400
  • Species not listed please call 719-846-4567 or email us at

If still interested in sending in your bird(s) please take these next 3 steps in ensure your position in our studio.

Once we receive your bird(s) at the studio we will give you a email confirmation that we have received your bird(s). At that time we do not require any deposit or additional info on poses or base choices. We will call you when ready to start your bird(s). This is typically 6-8 months after receiving them. At that time, we will request a deposit and can discuss poses and base choices.

If you have any questions, please call 719-846-4567 or email us at